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Continua il viaggio tra i lavori di Eric Skillmann, Art Director alla Criterion Collection.

The Bad sleep well
by Akira Kurosawa

" The Bad Sleep Well was a fun one. Probably the most minimalist set of designs I’ve ever turned in, especially considering I basically put all my eggs in one basket with this one concept that I latched onto pretty early."

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Yi Yi
by Eward Yang

"In our initial discussions about the film, producer Curtis Tsui and I both immediately recognized Yang Yang’s penchant for photographing the backs of people’s heads as one of the most potent visual metaphors in the film.Unfortunately, we didn’t have any high-resolution art from the film that represented that idea. So we decided to try to reproduce it."

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The Furies
by Anthony Mann

"Since this was the first "real" Western in the Criterion Collection  we felt it was important not to downplay the genre elements. But at the same time, it's a somewhat atypical Western, very dark in tone, so we didn't want to present it as something it's not. The Furies is often referred to as a "noir western," so I decided to try to combine the visual styles of those two genres. Once I found that hook to hang the design on, it was really just a question of execution".

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Three war films
Andrzej Wajda

 "The Wajda box was kind of a backwards project. Normally with projects like this, we work on the cover first. We get that just the way we want it, and use the look established there to dictate how to ripple out the rest of the packaging. But on this project, we did the opposite. For reasons not worth getting into here, the rest of the design had to be completed before the covers. So I had to build a design that was open enough to work with a cover that didn't yet exist, but still dynamic and interesting, since these are very emotional, dramatic films".

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Scenes from a marriage
by Ingmar Bergman

"I still dig the way the title and Bergman’s name interlock, though it’s probably overstepping my purview to suggest so strongly that the film represents scenes from Bergman’s marriage. I have no idea what Bergman’s marriage is like; I hope it’s very happy and not particularly like the tumultuous relationship in this film".

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Hands over the city
by Francesco Rosi

"We wanted to find a way to get Rod Steiger on the cover—he's a recognizable face, after all, and this was kind of a lesser-known film. Luckily, there was an easy way around that, since one of the major motifs in the film is Nottola's campaign posters. The other repeated visual motif in the film is the enormous city planning map in Nottola's office, which is obviously a pretty good way to reference the importance of the city".

Per questo lavoro Eric si avvale della collaborazione dell'artista croato Danijel Zezelj di cui vi consiglio caldamente di andare a vedere i suoi lavori.


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